Ragazza con Radioio

Enhancement of industrial design, upcycling and artistic re-functionalisation are the three pillars of our philosophy.
The aim of our work is to update the valuable forms of household appliances that have made the history of industrial design through a careful redesign that puts the design of the object at the centre and that allows us to re-propose it in everyday life with a renewed utilitarian function linked to the world of audio.

To embrace this new philosophy, the original functions of the appliance have been abandoned allowing the structural characteristics of the product to take part in a new conception, no longer industrial, but exquisitely artistic: the radio and the turntable.
The choice of re-functionalisation using audio devices is not by chance but it’s the result of historical, socio-cultural and utilitarian considerations that have forced us to make the transformation, focusing on the importance of durability.

Each of our creations has been designed to let the new functions merge with the body of the appliance, creating a unicum, an evolution invisible to the eye until until its use. To achieve this goal, we reuse the original buttons and knobs of each appliance (which now control the audio functions) and we also retrieve the typical gesture of each product, making it also participate in the use of new functions.

This is the concept of Elettroevoluzione: to return to enjoy the beauty of these appliances with a renewed utilitarian function, combined with the possibility of “exposure” even in environments that until now have been precluded because of their intrinsic vocation of origin.
The creation of stands dedicated to each of our creations was an essential step in closing our conceptual path. We have in fact realized the need to equip each product with a “universe-world” in which to live, be used and displayed. A vintage setting to be used to display and enhance each Electroevoluto.

The definition of a coherent conceptual path to follow for the entire line and for the realization of our creations has required years of design and an artisanal work, inevitable in household appliances with engineering and structural requirements so far from what we present today.

Small artistic masterpieces of great collector’s value, unique pieces able to excite everyone.