is the synthesis of the experiences gained with the other products in the Elettroevoluzione line: respect for the formal identity of the appliance, preservation of design and practicality of use. These are the dominant characters that reinterpret the iconography of the toaster without making it the shell of the radio but taking advantage of this as a useful means for the evolution of the product: an elaborate lifting system recalls the inevitable gesture of extraction of the grids (automatic or manual) that determines the ignition of the radio and allows you to discover the most innovative aspect of Toastereo: the toasts.
The adoption of speakers in balsa wood with an unmistakable shape, as well as for reasons of audio quality, proved to be the essential expedient for achieving that coherent conceptual process that is based on the reuse of the gestural repertoire of the toaster, revised, evolved and now necessary for the operation of the radio.

Acting on the Girmi nameplate, which now hides the button for activating the lifting system and switching the radio on/off, the slices of bread are automatically lifted and their secret revealed.
Both slices are self-powered, run independently thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, and can be pulled out of the grill to be transported wherever you want. They have different functions: the front hides the radio device, while the rear conceals a Bluetooth receiver with integrated speaker.

The Toastereo is equipped with an exhibition stand equipped with a functioning electrical outlet, which replicates a vintage-style setting, and a certificate of authenticity that
attests the uniqueness, exclusivity and craftsmanship of the product.