The “Radioio” has been a very difficult project.
A product with such small dimensions and characterized by an austere design.
At first sight it seemed impossible to equip it with a new audio technology without destroying its amazing design.
But after several projects and numerous prototypes we understand that the only solution was to create a sliding mechanism of the shaving head.
This mechanism allows you to unveil screen and buttons, invisible until that moment.

The Radioio is equipped with: FM Radio, Bluetooth receiver, LCD screen, integrated speaker, function buttons (tuning and volume control), power supply (connected with the original
cable), rechargeable battery and LED light.
Everything is tucked inside this wonderful Sixtant SM31 by Braun (1962).

All our creations are handmade by using artisanal methods.
Each one is a unique piece, a work of art that gives a new life to products that have made the history of industrial design.