Musicapelli is the only product line which has undergone an evolutionary pressure during the design phase in order to make a radio. If on one hand it was intended to give a new life to this hairdryer making it participating in our daily life, on the other hand we had necessarily to deal with a so minimalistic design that any intervention would be invasive.

Thanks to its beautiful design, Elettroevoluzione goes beyond the structural peculiarity of the dryer, encoding a language capable of translating a simple trait in an artistically functional gesture: the hair dryer air outlet is been switched to an antenna (which identifies the radio as the bell tower, the church) and to an hook to hang it, while the air intakes preserve the image of perfection, leaving circular use for radio functions. The roundness, distinctive feature of this hairdryer, has been resumed and translated into the space to draw utility circles to adjust the volume and reveal the interior part of the dryer, originally inaccessible to the sight. This has made possible to admire the original fan which, emerging from the utility pane, shows itself as protection and heritage of its primitive functionality.