Ferro da Stereo

Thanking to the conceptual evolution of the Elettroevoluzione, with the Ferro da Stereo (Iron Radio), already engaging with its name, this West Germany Rowenta Iron has reached a new dimension. It looks like a classic iron until you take it from the shelf and let it evolve into a radio: you turn it on, positioning it as in the rest position when ironing the laundry. The plate now hosts the holes for the three speakers, a digital display with the automatic search buttons and the aux-in function . The buttons for the steam jet tune the radio stations, while the temperature wheel regulates the volume now. The gem is the spray that now houses the pull-up antenna, while the spray button now active the bluetooth.
The Ferro da Stereo turns on and off by lifting or placing the plate on a surface. The Ferro da Stereo is equipped with a battery that is recharged while you are using the network.