Disc Juicer

Disc Juicer is the interpretation of a 33 rpm record player according to Elettroevoluzione.
We were aware that to turn this monolithic cylinder in a completely reversible and almost invisible way would be anything but simple.

We started by dividing the two cylinders that make up the central body and creating an automatic lifting mechanism thanks to a hydraulic piston that moves when you lower the
metal handle that locks the upper cylinder.
We cut the body of the centrifuge and created a sliding mechanism allowing you to move the disc rotation center outwards (otherwise you can not use a 33 rpm record).

We made a carbon fiber turntable arm thin enough to be able to hide itself in the small slot that is created when the centrifuge is closed and we have carved the top cap to hide
the removable integrated speakers.

The Disc Juicer is equipped with an internal amplifier and RCA outputs to connect it to an external amplifier.

All our creations are handmade by using using artisanal methods.
Each one is a unique piece, a work of art that gives a new life to products that have made the history of industrial design.